Dana BucurI would kindly like to invite you to navigate on this website which it is an initiative designed to promote my strategic resources and competences alongside my team to all those interested in partnerships with us. We would like to join the developments inside or outside an organization that are likely to have an important impact on its ability to meet or determine its purposes and objectives.

The field operations are centered mainly around farming, greenfield investments – renewable energy sources etc. Though we can extend our interest area to all those are interested in partnerships with us. Our business solutions include farming management, integrated management and accounting system, marketing, branding, on-site resources management, budgets and cashflows, PR, human resources, legal/law services etc.

Also this electronic tool is a chance to communicate with all those who want to cross the conventional borders in order to maintain and proliferate the success in agricultural areas, green field etc.

 Along side the financial or physical capital, the intellectual one is as important. In all business environments where dealing with natural factors the risk of the business can only be compensated by implementing a balanced strategy geared by key resources and competences.

We are more and more people on the Earth (at the moment 6.6 billion) and nationally and worldwide the needs for food and energy are growing on an exponential basis. The total surface of the globe is 561 millions km2 from which only 29% is continental.  The agricultural Earth area is 3 billion ha which is 20% from continental one.

In the actual context of natural resources, we would like to participate to the chance offered to Romania to become the third agricultural power, after France and Germany and also a driving force of green field investments in European environment.

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