Through this new initiative I believe I am going to find good quality people willing to join me, people who want to express themselves through their believes and opinions on this blog.

In general agriculture is not quite the field of activity the young people or less young are after. To be prepared to get in contact with the forces of nature or to get your hands dirty (not metaphorically, of course) from the morning to the evening is not necessarily what the people are looking for in their lives. To wait one year to harvest your crops, who has so much patience.

For myself, nature is my soul. In all her ways, from land to waters, wind, sun, flora and fauna, all together means life and an ever lasting source of inspiration and wisdom. Nature is a force you do not have to get in conflict with. Nature sometimes is unpredictable. I remember I tried so hard to satisfy all forces of nature by respecting all the rules and the laws here on the Earth. Either when we had to finish the planting in time or to load the barges without the rain to catch us, I found myself trying to keep away the clouds or reproach so said forces of nature for their too early demonstration. No wonders when I realized that the people around me were doing the same.

An essential principle I learned is that in nature everything links to each other and nothing is by itself. It is outstanding the need of vegetal kingdom to rediscover either in the animal kingdom or homo sapiens. It is incredible that God sparked in people but not only the need to protect the nature. Think about what it would meant if we would not realize that we depend on the nature more than she depends on us.

Nature offered me a few lessons. In one of the cold Romanian winters, I left the farm and heading toward the town. I was in a marsh land area, with no human settlement nearby. It was so cold outside. All of the sudden a heavy snowstorm appeared from nowhere and the car stopped. The fuel got frozen. Our only chance was to heat the tank of the fuel but how should we do this. The person I was with had the inspiration to get a few reeds from the ditches nearby. I had a match, thank God. The wind was very strong and wild and the fire went out. We redid everything again, collecting a lot of reeds. But my body couldn’t put up with it anymore. I found myself later in a lorry, the chance was a ‘bolide’ to drive around. I will always carry my gratitude all alike to nature and the person who joined me.

Nature means people as well, at least this is how I see things. I met so many personalities in this field of agriculture and not only from here. A model to me is an Australian farmer I met with one million hectares, a large cow farm and so many mickey bulls. What are these? Bulls which are not castrated. Well, this farmer woke up every morning 4 a.m. and he had to check a part of his farm i.e. cows etc. His hands were full of chaps, his body was bent over but even so he was full of life.

Many things are to be said but every one at its own time.

My tribute to nature I emphasized it here, in my first editorial on this web site. I hope you are going to enjoy my articles so that we all have a beautiful journey together.

Dana Bucur.

‘Things which matter most should never be at the mercy of things which matter least’ – Goethe.

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