In March 2009, I attended a conference about Feminine Leadership in Bucharest, Romania. I am not a member of any politic view but I do appreciate a few written words of Princess Margaret of Romania:
‘The queens of Romania, Elisabeth, Maria, Elena and Ana, my mother, they are today serious examples to follow in life. They proved, for the last one and a half century, in times where men were in power, that inspiration, responsibility and the power of personal example may change the world for better’.
Princess Margaret of Romania also mentioned something very useful to us: she wishes all feminine personalities many opportunities to prove their talents and dedication. Each project managed by a woman to be followed by many others!
At the same conference I liked the show of Mrs. Stela Popescu  – a true Lady of Romania, Sandra Pralong, Oana Pellea, Maria Grapini, Aurora Liiceanu, Dana Tudorache etc.
Mr Vasile Paun was the one to end up this conference with a set of issues raised by women and men. A few simple things from the Universe laws to the values and mission to each person have been outlined by Mr Paun.
A few words of soul caught my attention and these I would like to share it with you :
Mrs Stela Popescu: ‘Us Romanians are first of all a talented nation’.
Mrs Oana Pellea: ‘ A lider ‘fabricated/made ‘ fades in front of a talented/natural lider ’.
‘ Everything is about exercising. Love is an exercise ’.
Mrs Maria Grapini : ‘ A man/woman is dead if he/she doesn’t dream ’.
‘ Do not take any decisions when you are angry ’.
Mrs Aurora Liiceanu : ‘We care about our differences (n.a. the differences between a man and a woman) but than on the other side we fight against these ’.
Mrs Dana Tudorache exposed to us the professional activity of Mrs Anita Roddick, the founder of Body Shop. From her presentation clearly came out that Anita Roddick was an extraordinary woman for her times but for ours, who knew to handle such times to bring it to what she needed. Anita Roddick ‘s perseverance, intelligence and beauty left me with a strong impression.
I wonder how many from all participants agree with the syntagm : ‘ to be at the right time, in the right place, with the right people ’. What do you think? Does it matter?
In order to be good in what you are doing, to get positive results so that to encourage you to continue your progress, is it this more nowadays to the environment where you work and live?
We live times where our evolution does not depend so much on our internal resources.
The environment may influence us a lot. Lets give it the right attention.

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