‘We are going to have a better life when feminine ethics, which value much more cooperation than competition, will penetrate the public life’ – Sandra Pralong.

In public, professional or private lives, generally speaking women are more after the win-win situations where men are looking to prove ‘I am the best. I win and you loose’. Mrs Sandra Pralong, United Nations consultant, is coming to outline this in her recent interview in ‘Cariere’  – Romanian leadership journal.

In the same interview we find a very useful information for us women and for men too. United Nations provided an indicator of human development. In the top of high developed countries are Iceland (before the financial crisis), Norway, Canada, Australia, Holland, Sweden etc. Romania is on 62 out of around 180 countries. These countries have many women involved in the public life and in politics (Romania is on 70, after Republic of Moldavia when about women involved in politics).
Mrs Sandra Pralong finds an interesting correlation between women in politics and wealth. This correlation is not analyzed as a cause-effect relationship.

‘(…) the presence of a certain ethics – the feminine one – and also of a certain way to manage the matters of the human fortress provides much more wealth, measured as human development’ – Sandra Pralong.

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