How many of us have the courage to plant new crops?

To place together people, financial resources, perseverance and total dedication is not handy to anybody. Plus that it is needed a business-driven man to catalyze permanently in a constructive way the new initiative.

What are you going to do when there is not a critical mass of market players, culture (information, disponibility), know-how, real agricultural machines, people/a current to support it.

I would like to invite you to get familiar with two new crops: flax and industrial hemp for fibre.

Too few people really know about it (hemp being a traditional crops in the early age of Romania). I have been involved in such a project i.e. industrial hemp for fibre (from prospecting markets to cropping and harvesting fibre and seed).

The information is availbale through website by courtesy of Romanian Ministry of Agriculture, Forests and Rural Development:

This information is in Romanian, if you are interested please let me know and I will be glad to translate it to you.

Otherwise, Enjoy your reading.

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