EUR 4 bln in Dobrogea wind farms

According to MP Gheorghe Dragomir, a member of the Lower Chamber’s Budget Finances and Banks Commission, the investments in Dobrogea’s wind farms will top EUR 4 bln in the next three years. Eolica, CEZ, Enel, Energias de Portugal and Iberdrola are the companies that will develop wind power projects.

The MP pointed out that at stake is finding solutions in order to avoid dependence on a single source of energy. That is why Romania has to quickly turn towards green energy.

According to the aforementioned source, because wind farms are currently very expensive Romania has to focus on other policies such as energy storage.

‘We are talking about the difference between the energy produced at nighttime and the energy produced during the day. That concerns the natural gas-burning power plants and micro-power plants that accumulate energy during the night. The energy produced overnight can be stored and used during the day leading to important savings,’ Dragomir stated.

At the same time Romania has the significant opportunity of becoming a regional energy leader in the Balkans, Dragomir stated in an interview for Forum Invest. He pointed out that the construction of an undersea cable that would link our country to Turkey and through which we would transport energy, particularly nuclear energy, is necessary. That construction is possible considering that Turkey is a large energy importer and it needs these resources now, not ten years from now.

Source: Nine O’Clock


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