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From acquiring the self propelled vessels for transporting cereals, fertilizers etc on the Danube River, up to conditioning and storage facilities, TRANS EUROPA Group (http://www.teu-group.ro) clearly distinguishes itself from other companies through the quality of its services being on the first place in the 2009 Top of Galatz Small and Middle Sized Companies.

Under the same aegis of management three business units work together:


These three companies are strategically placed in the East and South-West of Romania covering one of the most important Romanian business areas, area bordered by the Danube River, from Galatz to Braila (East of Romania) and up to Drobeta Turnu Severin (South-West of Romania), thus, the agricultural producers, inputs suppliers etc, can dispose of the hole range of commercial and port services.

Hereafter, a short presentation of the three companies:

TRANS EUROPA PORT S.A. Galatz, founded in 1996, with branches in Galatz, Braila and Drobeta Turnu Severin Ports, has as objects of activity: handling, port operations and storage, as well as cereals operations and conditioning.

In GALATZ, this company has a cereals Silo with a total capacity of 30,000 to and a built area of 4,162.02 m2, with multiple facilities:
–    Activities on water:        loading/unloading ships of up to 5,000 to/dwt;
–    Activities on land:         loading/discharging railcars, usual and broad railways;
–   Loading/discharging trucks of all capacities.

By the networks of roads and railways, the location offers a connection with the whole country, as well as with the whole territory of Moldavian Republic, Russian Federation and Ukraine. The working place is specialized in handling cereals, with the facility to store and transit from railcars for broad railway in railcars for usual railway and the other way round.

In BRAILA, the activity of TRANS EUROPA PORT S.A. GALA?I – BRAILA BRANCH, consists of the following objects:
•    loading/unloading of the vessels;
•    stowing goods;
•     lashing goods;
•    storing goods

The company has an operational berth (Berth 24) with an active length of 102 m, having a vertical landing pier, with landing fenders, allowing river and sea vessels operations up to the maximum allowable draught on the maritime Danube (23 feet).
Due to the company’s continuous activity increase, through the volume increase of the operated goods and their diversifying, the development of the operating/storage spaces on the platform was required, by making a concrete platform, inside port precinct, for storing general goods with an area of 2,700 m2, on which a storage place for fertilizers was created and by making a platform for storing laminated products on the waiting quay, down stream.
The operated goods: cereals, meals, stone, iron plates, fertilizers, prefabricated products, brick, sugar.

The operating rate is between 700 and 1,000 to/24  hours, depending on the goods’ nature, means of transport and type of handling operation.

In DROBETA TURNU SEVERIN, the commercial Port has:
•    vertical quay of grate capacity with a length of 300 ml with operating possibilities on three berths at the same time;
•    waiting berths with a length of 423 ml;
•    wintering berths with a length of 375 ml;
•    executing building, ground floor + 1 floor (Ac = 188 m², Ad = 376 m²);
•    two cranes of 16 tf x 32 m;
•    one portal crane of 5 tf x 32 m;
•    concrete platform for goods handling and storing of  13,725 m²;
•    cereals storage space with a capacity of 3,000 to.

AGROPORT S.A. currently has, in TRANS EUROPA Braila Port, a storage capacity made up of a silo with 4 metallic cells of 1,100 TO wheat each (810 to barley, 650 to sun flower, 950 to corn) each and a storage capacity in 6 barges of 1,500 to wheat each (1,100 to barley, 1,000 to sun flower, 1,400 to corn, 1,000 to sun flower meal) as well as three storehouses of 500 TO each.

The cereals can be taken over through two unloading platforms from specialized railway cars, trucks or river/sea vessels, and the delivery can be made either directly in the sea/river vessel, or in specialized railway car or trucks.

The take over and delivery capacity is of 120 to/hour, the silo having conditioning equipment for the stored cereals with forced ventilation or recirculation, fanner and drier with a drying capacity of 600 to/24 hours.
Each cell has a centralized system of monitoring the stored cereals temperature. The company ha a lab for cereals and an electronic weigher of 50 to with which the goods reception and delivery is made. The company ensures also cereals acquisition services, at the request of the port services’ beneficiaries, by order.

Besides the activity with cereals, AGROPORT S.A. company imports complex quantities of fertilizers that are packed in bags of 50, 500, 600 and 1,000 kg with two packing equipments of high capacity and are distributed throughout the whole country. The company has 4 storehouses and a covered area for storing fertilizers throughout the year.

TRANS EUROPA S.A. has three self propelled vessels “SPERANTA 1”, “SPERANTA 2” and “SPERANTA 3” with navigation and communication equipments of the highest technical level. Through its specific management, TRANS EUROPA S.A. ensures transports of short standing being responsible fort the integrity of the transported goods.

The maximum capacity: 84.948 to / 1,087.247 to / 935.864 to.

With normal navigation conditions, the transport standings are:

• Galatz (Constanta) – Russe:             2 days
• Galatz (Constanta) – Novi Sad:         7 days
• Galatz (Constanta) – Budapest:         9 days.

All three companies have certification of EN ISO 9001:2001quality management system (this system is applied also in the field of river transport services on internal waterways). The certification was made in conformity with the TUV CERT certification and auditing procedures.

All persons interested in the activity of these companies are invited to contact us on the e-mail address: teu@teu-group.ro or on the phone number: +40 – 236.416.204 or fax number +40 – 236.460.838.

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