Key Assumptions and Implications
Major assumptions underlying the projections and selected implications include:
Economic Growth
• U.S. and world economic growth reflect a recovery from the global financial crisis and
economic recession, with a transition back to steady economic gains.
• Global economic growth is assumed to rebound to a 3.3-percent average growth rate for
2010-19. A resumption of high growth rates in emerging market countries, such as China
and India, and a return to strong growth in other developing countries and countries of the
former Soviet Union underpin this macroeconomic result.
• The U.S. economy resumes growth at 2.5 percent in 2010 and 3.2 percent in 2011,
followed by an average rate of 2.7 percent over the remainder of the projection period.
With slower growth in the United States than in the world economy, the U.S. share of
global gross domestic product (GDP) falls from about 27 percent currently to 25 percent at
the end of the projection period.
• The return to broad-based, steady global economic growth supports longer term gains in
world food demand, global agricultural trade, and U.S. agricultural exports. Economic
growth in developing countries is especially important because food consumption and feed
use are particularly responsive to income growth in those countries, with movement away
from staple foods and increased diversification of diets.
• Growth in export demand contributes to gains in farm cash receipts and rising farm
incomes after 2009.

To view all report please go to:


  • Coast – Wow. I find that website so depressing. Survivalist consumerism.Still think junk food would be the best currency. After a few months of eating beans there are a lot of people who would kill for a bag of industrial strength Cheetos.

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  • We better be shaking in our boots if the NDP are tied with the Conservatives in polling. Must have been the stellar job done by Turmel and the divide in the NDP over leadership exposed by party stalwart Ed Broadbent when he gave a thumbs down to their top runner.Wonder if the media would like to talk about Obama’s games on Keystone Kelly McParland writes about in NP today: “Pipeline ploy a political gusher”.

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  • What a beautiful old shack! I share your love for old shacks, abandoned houses and barns… I just wish I lived closer to the country so I could shoot them every day. I am rather jealous.It's great living in the city, but my favourite places are the country and the beach… so peaceful!

  • My mother proudly recalls me saying my first big word, pollution, at the age of she thinks about three, coming from nowhere. I’m shocking for indoctrination*, my poor kid is already very aware of pollution and where it comes from, readily able to express his dismay at truck exhausts etc.* hey if you don’t do it openly, you still do it.

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  • This is the fourth time i’ve received this email. Noticed it had the same addresses it was sent to as a scam email I received saying it was from the New York State Police for a speeding ticket downstate. I googled the township, Camden, New York, and they also had an alert posted that this is a scam. Thankfully I did not open either attachment.

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  • I’m so glad I made you cry….lol in a good way!! I love to stir up emotions through my words. I have to admit, I cried writing this one…Thanks so much for always taking time to comment and share my posts. It helps to broaden my reach and allows me to share my heart with even more people xo

  • I know a lot of folks are down on Gasol now. Hey it is what it is. He gave us a few good years & played a major role in adding the last 2 titles to the Laker franchise. And for that I’ll always be grateful. I’m looking forward to the day his # 16 hangs from the rafters of Staples Center.

  • Thanks Maggie. I wanted to do this post all of that day, and I kept on being delayed. I’m glad I was. It gave me the time to really think about the implications of what happened. It might be the start of a second Great Awakening.

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  • Bien sur c’est un clin d’oeil à Voutch, même si la hauteur sous plafond me semble un peu réduite, mais la crise est passée par là sans doute…Sinon sur FB c’est sur que ces histoires d’amis ont un gout de cours de récréation avec un arrière gout de manipulation ;o)

  • Deeply sad. Helen, as you mention it above, I'm also a fan of Cafe Bay in Camberwell. It is actually owned by the same people so it's a shame that the first review of their new place doesn't sound as positive.I'd agree with you on the baguette.. the stall in Broadway market is excellent for that. I also think that the luncheon meat is fairly authentic but the caramel pork in Cafe Bay is so moreish I find it hard to try anything else… Rich

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  • Well, the primary electoral system makes it so that the most extreme candidate of either party gets elected to represent the party in the general election, at which time the Republicans and Democrats both claim they are “moderates”.During every mid-term election the minority party tends to gain seats – it’ll be interesting to see what happens in November.

  • Hi guys, I liked the back side better since the edges curled ever so slightly and it made the bracelet look a bit more convex instead of concave. More bracelet-y. But they can be reversed and worn with the right side out, of course. I guess I like backwards things. Mum has always complained that I twist the tie on bread bags backwards. Looks like we've just found another backwards thing. 🙂

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  • I have read the book and loved it. My husband and I who are both WW members laughed so hard when we read what David does when he weighs in at WW. It’s the same thing we do – put on our lightest clothes, try not to drink too much on weigh-in day, etc. I even have to carry my husband’s wallet!

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  • This WMG copyright crap has gotten WAAAAAY out of hand. They don't own every song in the world. Copyrighted by WMG my butt. It's an utter outrage. I can't upload a simple video of a performance I credit the band for. This was a video SPECIFICALLY MADE for the song, so I couldn't use audioswap. Get out of Youtube, WMG!

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  • Another mother was telling me of something similar with her son who has aspergers. When he was at school he would struggle with simple arithmatic but could do more compicated Maths. He could not explain to his teachers how he did this and they theough he was just refusing to do the easier work.

  • Makes perfect sense. People hate to be nagged and we've been nagged to death over the dangers of pop, trans fats etc. People would prefer having the gov't order them around rather than nag them to death.I don't like being nagged and I definitely don't like being controlled. I don't fit into the scenario.

  • Hi GM. Good to hear from you. It’s been a long time since we work together. Hope you’re doing well.To paraphrase your comment: The EDA tool vendors put a lot of effort into customizing the tool for a particular customer (fab) and vice-verse. This time, effort and separation would prove detrimental to all the other customers if a fab acquired an EDA company.I agree that this is one of the better reasons why EDA tool companies and fabs will remain separate entities.

  • I like the idea of codifying what we should pass on. I (as I think most parents) sort of wing it from day to day hoping that we can pass on some internal moral compass. You’ve given me something to think about.

  • RE: – Interesting list, mostly artsy / entertainer / rebel right brain hemisphere dominant types. Great subject for a sociology major to investigate —— “What is the correlation between right brain dominance and homelessness” :-). – Rate this comment: 0  0

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  • Justin,Great post with fantastic take away value (even though it’s free!).I have a couple of questions:1) If you take the single licence then look to upgrade do I need to pay the full amount or do they give you any “discount”?2) You mentioned you send people to your Optomise Press (OP) page, how does that compare to DAP & what advantages does DAP have over OP?Thanks in advance.Cheers,F.T.E.

  • As echoed previously on Twitter, I for one would like to thank you for sharing your knowledge with all of us. As someone who’s got IA as part of one of my many hats, the liveblogs and the links you’ve shared have definitely been really inciteful and helpful to me!Kudos, and thanks again!

  • There was a similar thing with a rock from Mars a while back and it was nothing but conjecture that an artefact on it was an organism.This will probably be similar. Fossilized intergalactic life is impossible though (unless planted of course) as the vacuum, extreme cold and lack of life support mechanisms kill very quickly. Bacterial life has not been proven to create multicellular life. So even if something is found it affects science more than religion.References : Was this answer helpful?

  • I have just finished Cantos 1,2,6,28-33 in Purgatorio.I am not sure why Cato figures so prominently in this Cantica. Also, I understand why Brutus is in the last circle of Hell, but Cassius? And then Cato enters in the first Canto of Purgatorio…Dante seems to have a deep respect for the pagans and certainly believes that Classical Rome contributed to the “total person” (if you will), but obviously he drives home the notion that in order to be “complete”, one has to accept the Christian God.How am I doing, Man of Roma?

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  • A lot of the research on sperm counts is from Denmark and might be misleading.Schizophrenia onset at adolescence indicates there is a connection to sex hormones. Schizophrenia was rare before 1800. The prevalence of schizophrenia began to decline in Britain around 1960.

  • Congratulations! What a lovely story, despite a few hiccups!I have always had a fear that someday I would require a c-section. The main issue is that the thought of being awake during major surgery gives me the heeby-jeebies. Did you have to face a similar fear before your first C? How did you cope? And did being awake seem odd during the procedure?[]

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  • КостянтинРазговариваю в основном на русском, но в кинотеатр хожу исключительно на фильмы с украинским дубляжом. Фильмы с русской озвучкой я могу и дома посмотреть.Однозначно нужно бойкотировать такие кинопоказы.

  • How am I on a pedestal?Also, I reckon you haven’t read anything that has been posted on this site, otherwise you would’ve known that we’ve been without a TL for a while this year. Even though we have a new TL, things have been a bit slow internally since we lost our first TL, for which you have my apologies.

  • Ala, sama la dgn aku Adi. Aku awal sikit, lagi 4 tahun dah masuk 50. Harapan sihat wwalafiat, financial freedom and lastly ‘aku boleh buat apa yang aku sukaaaa’. He..he..he.No more 9 to 5 working hours, meeting, report etc. No need to apply annual leave, MC etc…

  • hello, what is a coach supposed to do?A coach can say hello, exchange quick pleasantries and move on.This assumes that the story in the article is accurate.The anecdote about BG reeks of a planted swipe against BG. Note that the writer tried and convicted BG in the same paragraph by declaring the meeting a recruiting violation.

  • Caligula dit :RadissonC’est le Père du nationalisme québécois. C’est pas moi qui le dit, mais le PQ qui l’a officiellement élevé au rang d’icône national dans les années 70!C’est drôle mais m’en sacre quand même mon vieux. À mon avis il n’y a pas de père du nationnalisme québécois. Ce nationnalisme existait bien avant que ce gars n’arrive dans le décord. Change de cassette.

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  • Ok, so I had heard about this….and I wasn’t going to watch it, because I have been avoiding crying these days. But, then when YOU posted it and I had to watch, because if you say something is awesome, I know it is. Thanks. She reminds me of my Quin, who is so brave. These kids do have to overcome so much fear and have to work soooo much harder than the rest of us just to be in this world. And they do it. And we are better for knowing them. The world is so better because of kids like her and my Quin and your Riley. Love you.

  • One problem I have seen with the use of ORMs is that time and energy is put in to designing the Java code but the database is left to just 'happen' (magically created by Hibernate).This results in key words being used as column names, massively wide, sparse tables, no sensible implementation of partitioning etc etc. People then wonder why the database underperforms but are utterly resistent to ever doing any database design.

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