November 25th & 26 2010

Optimise your Agricultural Inputs to Maximise

Yield, Efficiency, Sustainability and Investment:

The only conference that will give you the in-depth and practical knowledge necessary for you to increase your margins.

  • Expert tips to fast track your route to investment: Practical steps to make your operation attractive to investors.
  • Take advantage of Precision Technology: Innovative ways to make precision techniques and technologies increase yield and reduce waste.
  • Cutting edge advances in seeds, fertilisers and agrochemicals: Unmissable changes that will revolutionise your crops.
  • Harness your FYM, Slurry and fertilisers: Proven techniques to ensure that your fields work for you.
  • Understand Emerging Markets: Understand how operators in South America and India have increased their margins and apply this experience to amplify your own profits.
  • Essential information for the future: Safeguard your crops from climate change and disease to ensure growth and profitability.

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