Agribusiness valuation- Eastern Romania (Moldavia) february 2011

In february 2011 I had the opportunity to be involved in an agricultural business valuation in Moldavia (Eastern Romania).

From macroeconomic analysis I then focused on the local key strategic aspects taking into account land fertility, infrastructure, potential and perspectives, including business factors.

Thank you to you all and thank you Moldavia!

Easy digging through the soil
Build-up structure and texture of the soil
Winter rape - well developed, recently fertilised
Good land fertility
Land planted everywhere
A deep hole in the soil - no hardpan
Winter crops happy under the snow - a natural fertiliser
Dana Bucur - indoors
Dana Bucur and the local weighbridge
Present and future of agricultural machineries in Romania
Mechanics and ... feminity. Everything is possible!
Key strategic people in-situ
Key strategic people in the field
My passion in life
Go farming Romania!
Sunset in Moldavia

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