Agri Career

Hot job – agribusiness consultant

How did she started. In 1998 she decided to launch her own agricultural company i.e. Agriland 2000 srl alongside an UK business farmer. Since 2006, Dana Bucur started the agribusiness consultancy.

Responsabilities. The next 10 year marketing strategy is focused on large CEE agribusiness market share, setting up the European Association of Agricultural Consultants and always providing creativity and dialogue with the ag stakeholders.

Job challenges. Encouraging entrepreneurship and agribusiness initiatives, proper platform of autenthic agribusiness consultants, lack of pro attitude and menthality on a country basis, lack of young generations to involve in the development of the rural comunities.

Job opportunities. National and international recognition. Brand awareness. Motivating people to believe and invest in agriculture.

Reporter: Roxana Achim

Media magazine: Cariere 2011, Romania


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