Dana Bucur in Ro media

This is an interview first given to Active Watch mid February 2011. Reporter Maria Popa. Main Topics: Dana Bucur business activity, România, agriculture and rural development, creativity and innovation. All of it has been then published further by: one of the main business magazine Capital România (june 2011) -  and also by Think Outside the Box România (july 2011). Dana Bucur has 17 years of agricultural experience. Sometimes she worked even 14 hours without having a break. She started from the ground, building up from scratch a viable farm and now she has her own agribusiness company providing ag consultancy, including solutions for sustainable agriculture and organic farming. She graduated Economics, a Quality Master and 2 agribusiness MBAs (one in UK and the other a joint-venture between România and Germany). These are some of the reasons the sustainable community media decided to take an interview. Reporter: What kind of problems the Ro agriculture confronts with? Dana Bucur: Lack of branding,...
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Official presentation of CEPW – European Center for Premium Winter Wheat

On February 23, 2010 was held in Constanta, Romania official presentation of the European Center for Premium Winter Wheat. Along with famous actors of Constanta regional market, Mr. Mihai Berca, Professor and PhD and Mr. Ernst Grosslerher have brought to the attention of all those present some details on Premium varieties and modern farming techniques. Premium wheat varieties are grown in countries that stretch along the Danube and beyond, as it can be seen in the map above. A noteworthy detail is that Probstdorfer varieties are varieties developed in the Pannonian Plain in conditions similar to those in Romania. They hold in their genomes over 80% genoplasma Bezostoia, variety which was inexplicably abandoned in Romania. Mr. Grosslerher has mentioned that Romania presents a huge agricultural potential, only if we judge in light of the fact that his home country, Austria, where drought conditions are much harsher than those in Romania, productions...
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