This article is written for those who really would like to follow a career in agriculture.

Who is interested to build up his/her agricultural career in Romania or elsewhere in the world?

In this industry we can find activities where people are involved physically and have to explore their visual or mechanical abilities. You are either focused on reaching real performances or you would like to use your experience and judgment to better understand the environment and how to interact with it. Usually people involved in farm activities are lonesome, ready to work in tough conditions and sometimes dangerous. So we discussed here about people who are physically-driven / motivated. Who do u recognize under this description? Either a farmer or a forestry man.

People who are business-driven are running the business as if is theirs, even if it is so or not. The responsibility and rewards for this type of career include all the risks affiliated to the failure of not fulfilling others people expectations about you and the promises you made. Obviously here is needed qualities like will and ambition. Whatever size of business you are involved in, the essential abilities are the capacity to see the opportunity and the will to succeed. A business or management consultant, a project manager or negotiator are just a few examples of this type of career.

And here we are, we have a new type of interest or career, the one where we meet a blend between business and physical activities. This means that you are a practical person, who motivates people for things to get done or you are involved directly in many activities. This is the case of the farm manager.

It seems that creativity has nothing to do with agriculture. Totally untrue! Either we are involved in the field operations or administrating data or involved in partnerships with our clients and suppliers, we can use creativity in various ways: from a new intelligent approach (to simplify operations etc) up to a new proposal to reward our employees or designing a new system of data management. Very simple!

Apart from all the above, we need to remember that any person who knows what he/she wants, does believe in himself/herself and has the real potential, that person shall have success. Always keep thinking:
•    Which are my key qualities and weaknesses, how do I associate them with a career?
•    Do I have abilities that I did not count on until now?

But what are the abilities? Simply these are referring to our potential, which is not necessarily reached in present. And the relative abilities of any of us have sense only related to the others.

I will continue to write about this subject if it is of any interest to you, my readers. So please let me know if all the above is useful to you. This is what it matters to me.

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