I am pleased to tell you that in June this year, on the 17th and 18th, in fact, I am organising a conference on the agribusiness potential of Romania.

Since joining the EU in 2007, Romania has accelerated its economic progress and is in a superbe geographical location to link Europe to the growing markets in the Middle East and Asia, Western Europe or worldwide. Romania is going to be revealed from many different angles of its agricultural potential with eminent Romanian speakers such as ex-Minister of Agriculture, Dr Valeriu Tabara and University professor Dr Mihai Berca.

We will also look at the financial and legal structures needed to succeed in business in Romania based on contributions from professional institutions, specialists of agricultural sectors, agri-traders etc. We will also be able to listen and question business-men who are already active in this type of enterprise and happy to share their experience with us. A field trip to one or two farms and a local food processor is included to those interested in the practical details.

Our aim is to link Romanian agri players and specialists to international parties interested to invest in Romanian agribusiness.

The Conference will be chaired by Mr Alastair Dickie, a respected commentator with 35-years commercial experience in agricultural trading and analysis of the markets around the world.

I would be grateful your suggestions for topics that you like to hear discussed at such a conference.

The conference is to be held at the Howard Johnson Hotel in Bucharest and you can register immediately for €590 (conference day on June 17th and field trip on June 18th 2010) or €490 (only conference day) by emailing me now on dana.bucur@mail.com.

Thank you for your interest in agribusiness Romania.

Kind Regards

Dana Bucur

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