Women live in a world of men.
Women have different resources than men which together reunify a single whole.
Generally people are looking to reach their success outside their own entity when an essential element is given by their own wealth. The success is not placed somewhere, this is to be found in each of us. Such a truth I believe everyone discovered at a certain moment in their lives, as I also discovered quite soon and as also the great minds of this Earth maintained (i.e. Oprah Winfrey, Einstein, Jack M. Zufelt etc).
To win the respect of ourselves I believe it is the most important thing of our own identity. As also it is important our internal resources to find the right frame in the outside world and so to encourage our good evolution as people and business partners. The external environment tends to become as important as our internal set of resources or wealth.
For every man it is important to do what he or she likes to do in their lives. So much true for us, women. All of us, the women must give a great attention to our biology: how much further I can activate my body when we professionally want to extend more and more or gear-in our drive, as we say in business. This is because there is a strict link between the resistance of the physical body and the business projects we plunge into.
Our business implications should from time to time be much more distant. This is necessary in order not to become a victim of exaggerations or traps with no solutions.
On our way to self-fulfillment and so many achievements we have ‘to turn off ‘ from time to time and to live again the balance within ourselves and harmony. For instance here we have the statement of a business woman, Mrs. Liliana Paraipan: ‘The key of balance  is, much of the time, the family and our motivation to keep on further. Persevering in what you do and the certain belief that this is the way you want it for you’.
And so to redefine ourselves in a natural way every time life asks for it, in a peace full way and a total trust in the beauty of our soul.
There are many situations where the effort of women is much higher than the one of the men. To take care of home, family, to live equally with your husband and children – all these ask for their rights.
Through my life journey I learned to filter everything through mind, soul and heart (emotions) so that not to offer advantages to one side to the disadvantage of the other sides. Such attitude takes a long while and a lot of ambition, I don’t say it is not hard but it is worthwhile.
But in fact what is a business woman? When do you identify a business woman or how can she identifies herself as one? I believe that whatever professional statute she has, from employee to employer, a business woman is that one who achieved to make one step further in the business world. Either as an employee, coming along with a proposal which stimulates a certain aspect of the business or as a business woman where she has to take responsibilities for all the actors involved in her own activity or she has to fight to maintain the balance of the forces which influence the whole image of the business.
A true business woman does not necessarily have to only provide financial added value to the business. Depending on the times, she can also offer non-financial values, either tangibles or intangibles. Woman in the highest sense of the word, and therefore the business woman, is the type of partner who take care every business partner to win, the type of ‘win-win’ partnership.
And now at the end of this article I would like to mention that it is vital for us women as for business women as well to learn to maintain a good quality dialogue with ourselves. We need to understand ourselves – again, in the highest sense of the word. And only in this way we can guarantee our access to all the internal and external resources in order to fulfill as human entities.
Please remember an essential element: even in the business world, women are complementary to men as men are to women.
Starting from this truth, it is going to be easier to reach our life targets and fulfill to all levels (professional, private etc.) in a natural way.

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